With the objective of transparency in the documentation of the Pentwter Vision, minutes of meetings of the vision team and other documents accepted for review may be downloaded by clicking on the underlined dates below.

Submitting Documents. Anyone may offer documents including relevent infomation about community issues, needs or visions of the future including projects championed by individuals, organizations or investment interests to Keith Edwards, Zoning Administrator, or any member of the vision team.  Email links are on the "Contact" page. Acceptance and review of such documents is subject to majority approval of vision team members in attendance at the next team meeting following receipt.

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04/19/2015   ""Pentwater 2035"" Sustainable Small Harbor Study Report 2015

07/13/2016   Village of Pentwater Master Plan Update 2016

12/01/2016   Pentwater Township Master Plan Update 2016

03/14/2019   Vision Team Minutes

04/02/2019   Vision Team Minutes

04/15/2019   Vision Team Minutes

04/23/2019   Vision Team Minutes

04/24/2019   Public Notice. Intent to Plan

04/25/2019   Pentwater Schools Annual Education Report (AER) Cover Letter

04/26/2019   Pentwater Community Vision Team Seeks Community Input

05/07/2019   Vision Team Minutes

05/21/2019   Vision Team Minutes

06/02/2019   Townhall Poster

06/04/2019   Vision Team Minutes

06/11/2019   Vision Team Minutes

06/25/2019   Vision Team Minutes

07/09/2019   Vision Team Minutes

07/17/2019   Summer Visitor Poll

07/20/2019   Pentwater Community Assessment Report

07/21/2019   July Update

08/06/2019   Vision Team Minutes

10/22/2019   Vision Team Minutes

11/01/2019   Summary Visitor Poll Results

11/12/2019   Vision Team Minutes

12/12/2019   Vision Team Minutes

12/16/2019   12-16-2019 Town Hall Meeting Agenda

12/16/2019   12-16-2019 Town Hall Meeting: One Page Summary

12/16/2019   12-16-2019 Town Hall Meeting: Presentation

12/16/2019   12-16-2019 Town Hall Meeting: Community Assessment

12/16/2019   12-16-2019 Town Hall Meeting: Summer Poll Summary

12/17/2019   Community Survey Results: Numerical&Graphical Summaries