Contact the Vision Team

Each of the members of the vision team may be contacted by email regarding suggestions, questions or concerns about the visioning process or scheduled meetings. Additional information about submitting documents including your vision, or your group's vision for the future is included on the "Documents" page.

Pentwater Township and Village Zoning Administrator Keith Edward is also available by email and may be contacted by phone as listed below. Click name below to send an email or send an email to the address listed below with the subject "Pentwater Vision Website Inquiry" :

Mark O. Benner  -   

Chris Conroy -

Tom Davis -

Paula DeGregorio -

Kendra Flynn -

Dr. Scott Karaptian -

Ken McClane -

Mark Shotwell -

Keith Edwards, Zoning Administrator -

     Telephone: Mondays & Thursdays, (231) 869- 6231

                     Tuesdays & Fridays, (231) 869-83     

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