The 2019 goal is to document a single, collective, long-tern community vision of Pentwater residents, property or business interests, and visitors which will drive future priorities, strategies, plans and initiatives of Pentwater Township, Village, School District and other public services.  The Pentwater Vision is the first step in updating our Community Master Plan 2020-2040 and together will  inform and provide guidance to community organizations and incentives for new business and residential investment...

...in short: a vision to sustain what we love most

about our quality of life in Pentwater.

Vision Team

The Pentwater Township and Village Planning Commissions and Board of Education jointly created the vision team, identified on the "Contact" page. The vison team's charter is to engage the broad Pentwater community in an open process to document a truly collaborative vision of our future.  It is not their role to write their report based on their personal views and experiences.

What happens after we have a Vision?

As noted above, the goal of the community vision is to drive future planning beginning with the Community Master Plan required by Michigan law, and importantly, also meriting the inclusion in all the other plans we make as community orgnizations and individuals. But it is very important to remember that even great visions don't magically become realities.  That requires champions committed to make it happen and an important goal of the Pentwater Vision is to identify and rally support around those all-important individuals and groups in our town.